Space Law

European Trajectories in Space Law

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Included : Preface by former European Commissionner Philippe BUSQUIN (scientific research division).

Space travel and exploration are coming soon... with all their legal problems !

Therefore, this book provides :
  • Historical Backround
  • The problems authorities and actors in space must be aware of in order to comply with regulations

Based on the results of a three year long consultancy study for the OPOCE, this book presents high quality informations on the most recent developments in space law and regulations, in a shape that suits university research aswell as the general public (space contractors, consultancy, ...). It is aimed at anyone who is, or will be, in a near future implicated in space travel/exploitation/technologies, as the challenges are more and more widespread in our everyday life : satellite communications, GPS, traffic control, scientific research, resources exploitation, and a fast growing sector, space tourism.

The authors

Jean-Louis van de Wouwer was born in Kaulille (Bocholt), Belgium. After high school he attended a Columbia University Summer School session in Switzerland. He studied law at Leuven University and his doctorate thesis on European River Law (Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt Rivers) was prized by the Belgian Inland Waterways Shipping Agency. He specialized also in maritime law at ULB Brussels.

Jean-Louis van de Wouwer started his career as an itinerant journalist in the US and Canada in 1957-1958 reporting on harbours and inland waterways.
From 1959 until 1974 he dealt with chemical industry, consultancy and sugar business and, later on became the secretary general of the European Union of Alcohol and Spirit Drinks Producers (1975-1996).

Meanwhile he created his own company HOMES INTERNATIONAL in 1972 which became a consultancy firm in 1984 and a publisher in 1991, specialising in sectors like air law and economics aswell as cultural tourism on the other side.

François LAMBERT
After obtaining a Law degree at the "Facultés Universitaires de Saint Louis" (Brussels, 1999), he completed a Master in Law at the "Université Catholique de Louvain" (UCL, 2002) and a Master in Political and Social sciences - International Relations (UCL, 2004).
After making interships as a legal adviser for the European Commission and as a Project Coordinator for EADS, he now works as a Project Officer at the ERA-STAR Regions.


ISBN : 2-74237-018-8
Price : 71 €
Authors : Dr. Jean-Louis van de Wouwer ; François Lambert

Pages : 354
Format : 16 x 24 cm
Publishers : Homes International S.A. ; Bruylant;
Year : 2008

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